Changing management structures

7 August 2015

Whilst mobility has increased and is likely to continue to do so, many within the legal industry stay with a business for a long time. As such they only know what they know or more importantly, they don’t know what they don’t know!

With the Legal Services Act and the creation of ABS structures, lawyers now have the opportunity to work in many more ways than ever before.

As a Consultant I am able to help shape your thinking and bring new ideas to the table, which otherwise may not be considered. Models will be available from other businesses I have worked with and I can present ideas and structures in a non-threatening way to the Partners or stakeholders due to my independence. I have no vested interest, nothing to gain or lose by changes to the business or its structure.

In law firms the most contentious issue is often the profit sharing arrangements and some will see change as like a turkey voting for Christmas. It all becomes very personal which is not good in business. Working as a Consultant I aim to depersonalise it and introduce much needed objectivity.