The Compensation Culture – are the priorities all wrong?

11 January 2016

We are constantly told that there is a compensation culture, that it is a bad thing and along with fraud, the main reason for the Chancellors proposal to both increaser the small claims limit and ban financial damages for whiplash.

How ironic then that in the same Autumn Statement, George Osborne also proposed that there should be an “..automatic right to compensation..” for any train passenger whose journey is delayed by more than 30 mins.

Then this weekend I saw an article by those other critics of the compensation culture, The Daily Mail, announcing that there is “..£8 bn of unclaimed compensation for delayed flights..”.

The clear inference is that it is ok to be compensated for having your travel plans disrupted but wholly unacceptable if you are physically injured when another motorist crashes into you. May be it is the lawyer in me, but these two don’t make very comfortable bed fellows.