• Fraud – is it the Trojan Horse of the small claims debate?

    25 January 2016

    Last week we saw the Insurance Fraud Task Force deliver their report. I understand that the issue of the small claims limit was out of scope. I wonder why when clearly the Chancellor clearly sees that as his exocet missile to deal with the problem? Could it be that this is simply the best excuse he could find to do what the ABI have long since lobbied for?


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  • Life after whiplash – what would the world look like?

    22 January 2016

    As more information has filtered through from the MoJ it increasingly looks like the announcements in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement are more a statement of intent than an idea that will be consulted on. Let’s remember that other recent reforms appear to at best have had consultations in name only with decisions appearing to  have been made before hand.

    Look at the Governments response to the rather hasty petition that was launched, and their use of language.


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  • The small claims limit & whiplash debate

    17 December 2015

    Is the small claims limit increase a done deal or can a realistic challenge be mounted? We are told that there has been another “high level meeting” on 9th December between the government and senior members of the Motor Insurance industry. I’m getting a feeling of deja vu as this all sounds very familiar and we know what happened last time, insurers got just about what they asked for.

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